the girl behind the camera

My name is Rebecca and I’m 20 years old. I’ve been doing photography for 5+ years, but only recently made it more than a hobby. I work about 40 hours a week at my “real” job, and do photography on the side; not because I need to, but because I love it. I love showing my subjects in a different light that they’ve never seen themselves in before.

I tend to be more on the quiet side, but only at first. I’ve lived in Grants Pass my whole life, but have been fortunate enough to travel all over this country a few times. Having said that, I can’t say that I have been anywhere else better than this little town. <3
& thanks to my boyfriend for helping me take these pictures!

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The Experience

I recently teamed up with a professional hair stylist and makeup artist in order to start offering a more fun and complete photo shoot experience for my clients. Destiny Cook was gracious enough to be our model for this “before & after” shoot. The purpose of this was to show potential clients the benefit of getting the celebrity treatment before a photo shoot, that not many offer.

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My First Blog

Welcome to my blog! Here I will mostly be uploading images from my photo shoots, and sometimes other images that I take in my daily adventures.
I just got back from Reno for Hot August Nights Spring Fling, here’s a little of what it looked like.